Friday, December 14, 2012

have a great smile!!!

everyone in this world want their teeth
white.. because they want to look great..
a beautiful teeth will make our smile look so.. this photo..

today is your lucky day because i will tell you the secrete to get white teeth                                                

1)eat plenty of:
-calcium rich food
-eat a lot of fruit and vegetable because they will promote healthy gum
-tea,good source of fluoride(teamix herbalife)
teamix herbalife rich with benefits...if you want it..
can order from me..hehe

-sweet drink and snack

2)check your tooth brush
-change your tooth brush every 6 month
-place the tooth brush 45 degree from your gum
-move it in circular motion not back and forth 
-grip the tooth brush like pencil so you won't scrub to hard

3)clean your tongue
-major breath problem come from the bacteria on your tongue!!!

4)eat "detergent" food
-eat a lot of apple and carrot because they are natural tooth brush
-don't surprise...popcorn also can brush your teeth..
who say popcorn is think again

5)gargle with apple vinegar
-you don't need Listerine anymore....
-gargle in the morning and then brush your teeth
-the vinegar will remove the stain on your teeth and kill the bacteria..

that all the tips that i can give to you...
hope you all will try this tips..
and stay tuned for another interesting tips

                                                                                                                  (edited from reader digest)

Monday, December 10, 2012

on top of hill

now,,,i have an idea to write about my new post..
today..i want to tell about my batch activites last semester
but before that i want to tell a little bit about my batch..
i from batch 102 biomedical science..
so i gonna be a futere scientist.....hahaha
we ha dicide that our batch name is callidus..

so..back to my stories about  top of hill..
you all must wonder why my post is on top of hill
actually my batch activities is hiking Panorama hill
what a thrilling activities...

the first thing before we go to hiking is a briefing....
we gather in front of beatiful beach at teluk  chempedak

after that start to hike the hill..
so our journey start by walk along the beach..
we till have a time to watch a sunrise..
what a beautiful scenery...
because of that i start to ponder the amazing creation of Allah..

now...the difficulty oh hiking has been fell..
the track was quiet challenging...
but...alhamdulillah today and yesterday was sunny..
i cannot imagine if it was raining.. 
the track can become so slippery..

after a challenging track..
the track become more easier for us..
because of friend have a time to chat..

but the most quirky one is..
how can there is graffiti in this jungle??
don't believe it..
i have a proof...

we as a boy should be gentleman..
becouse of that...we have some group of boy
to look out girl....
in case there is an emergency
we can use men power.. power..
women cannot live without men..

                               (to be continued)