Friday, December 14, 2012

have a great smile!!!

everyone in this world want their teeth
white.. because they want to look great..
a beautiful teeth will make our smile look so.. this photo..

today is your lucky day because i will tell you the secrete to get white teeth                                                

1)eat plenty of:
-calcium rich food
-eat a lot of fruit and vegetable because they will promote healthy gum
-tea,good source of fluoride(teamix herbalife)
teamix herbalife rich with benefits...if you want it..
can order from me..hehe

-sweet drink and snack

2)check your tooth brush
-change your tooth brush every 6 month
-place the tooth brush 45 degree from your gum
-move it in circular motion not back and forth 
-grip the tooth brush like pencil so you won't scrub to hard

3)clean your tongue
-major breath problem come from the bacteria on your tongue!!!

4)eat "detergent" food
-eat a lot of apple and carrot because they are natural tooth brush
-don't surprise...popcorn also can brush your teeth..
who say popcorn is think again

5)gargle with apple vinegar
-you don't need Listerine anymore....
-gargle in the morning and then brush your teeth
-the vinegar will remove the stain on your teeth and kill the bacteria..

that all the tips that i can give to you...
hope you all will try this tips..
and stay tuned for another interesting tips

                                                                                                                  (edited from reader digest)

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